Look at the birdie

Despite having been in possession of the Cambie dress pattern from Sewaholic for several weeks, I somehow haven’t begun making it.  I was thinking about this the other day and decided it’s because I didn’t want to make Cambie from my stashed big flowers material.  I think big flowers wants to be a button front shirtwaist dress or a pleated skirt.  We shall see.

What that piece of insight did was spur me to Stonemountain to see what I could see.  I like that store very much and the 50% room is my nirvana.  FYI, bayarea sewists, the 50% room is chock-a-bloc with amazing sale wools since that is now out of season.  Cambie-wise I fell hard for some whimsical, yet wearable by an adult, cotton.  The selvedge calls it Peacock Lane by Violet Craft by Michael Miller Fabrics.  I call it freaking adorable.

Said fabric is currently tumbling around the dryer and I can hopefully cut out the dress today.  I’ve read from a few reviews that because of the pattern bodice design one may want to muslin the bodice before cutting.  I really don’t want to but I’d hate for the birds to be all whacked by my crappy lazy arse.  Hmm.  More coffee before deciding.  Mustn’t wait too long to decide since work is again rearing it’s ugly head this weekend.  Sadly my next trip won’t be as fun as the one this weekend where I played with the talented Carolyn and ate my way through Chicago.  Bird dress would certainly make it all better.  Must shake my tail feathers.


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