Bonehead Move #1

You know when you start a new project, you follow all the accepted practices and you’ve got a plan in your head.  You feel a little bit cocky with your prowess.  Then bam, you notice your first glaring error despite all the aforethought.

What you see in the above photo is the moment when the light bulb switched on.  I wanted to iron on the interfacing to the yoke piece of my Cambiebird dress when I noticed all the birdies on that one little yoke piece are facing 90 degrees off.  Yup, despite noting the one way print of my fabric and cutting the rest of the dress out just fine, I forgot that my waist is a horizontal thing and cut the pattern piece out as noted on the layout.  Didn’t even register sideways birdies.  Bone head.

Luckily I had enough material leftover to cut one yoke out the right way to use for the public side of the dress.  I could cut both yokes correctly but I opted to save a bit of material for any other bone head corrections that may need to be made.  I hope this is the full extent of my stupid and the rest of the construction process will work out just fine but I shall continue to expect the unexpected.


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  1. That is always happening to me. I mean, ridiculously obvious errors, despite being so careful to do everything right. It’s always a different type of error every time.

    One of my fabric orientation errors, I didn’t even notice until I’d sewn up the whole dress. I’d put all my birds-in-cages- upside down on the skirt pieces. My friend noticed as soon as she saw me wearing it. Damn.

    I like your fabric, though! And at least you spotted your error before it was one hell of a job to correct.

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