Butterflied dress

Cambie bird dress is coming along.  It’s pretty easy so far and I’ve not screwed up (yet) so yay me.  I’ve just followed the directions to this point, no off roading in the sewing.  The next step is inserting the zipper so you know if anything can screw up, it’s a zipper foot.  I shall go slow and steady.

Right now this dress looks like a deboned chicken all splayed out on the floor like this.  I believe the nicer term for whole, deboned chicken is butterflied chicken.  This is my butterflied bird dress then.  I did briefly consider adding a rickrack edge to the pockets and neck, but thought it would be a bit too cutesy and juvenile for a woman of my years.  I’m not getting down on myself here, just acknowledging that what suits one changes.  So no rickrack here, too much cute coupled with the birds.  That doesn’t mean a rickracked edge won’t appear here some time in future.  It’s a nice trim with the right fabric and pattern.

Onward to zipper sewing!