The mannequins even talk

The other day I managed to make it to the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the De Young Museum in San Francisco.  The galleries were chock full of weird, intricate and imaginative clothes.  Most are obviously not for everyday (or anyday) wear, but they are beautifully executed and mind expanding.  You can see the way the designs progress and change.  It’s fun, so try and go.

What no one told me was that many of the mannequins talk.  There is Jean Paul nattering away as you come in.  There is one male mannequin that is hilarious with his banter and mirror-looking.  Once you get over that it’s kind of creepy in a compelling kind of way, it’s fun.  I particularly enjoyed the knit dress above.  It looks like a mix of knitting, crochet and applique but it’s very pretty.  My flash-free, iPhone pics don’t do it justice so go and see it live if you can.


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