Knitting bones

It’s been one of those weeks.  Very little crafting has been done.  To use the charming Sophanne’s terminology, Mother of Silvia (MOS) had an accident and landed in the hospital.  So instead of my usual life of working and playing I’ve been Nurse Silvia.  I’m sure many of you know what that kind of stress and worry is like and understand that crafting and concentration desert you.  As an aside I did wear my Cambie to discharge my mom from the hospital, so that was fun.  I think the straps need to be taken up a hair, it’s one of those things you don’t have to do but it would make it perfect if I finally got around to doing it.  Later though.

My only crafty endeavors (other than installing grab bars and changing shower heads) was working on my green version of Something Silver.  I appreciate the soothing quality of garter stitch this week.  I finished the sleeves and they turned out firmly in the 3/4 sleeve camp due to lack of yarn.  My last ball of yarn is being knit onto the bottom to get an acceptable length.  The pockets will have to be a different color (or sewn up and ignored).  I’ve got two other colors of this same yarn to choose from so when I get there I’ll figure out how to put up a poll and let the public decide.  That is unless I don’t like your answer and I’ll play dictator.

Send MOS your healing thoughts and if anyone has any advice or knows of great home health care aides in Sonoma County (or the Northbay) let me know.  Kisses!


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  1. I’m so sorry to hear about MOS, but glad to hear that she’s doing alright. I have nothing on home health care aides anywhere, let alone in Sonoma County. It’s good though, that your normal life deserted you, it shows that you know what’s important. (Also, it makes normal life seem so much sweeter.)

    Changing shower heads is one of those things that I think would make a great blog post, maybe I’ll even take pictures, but it’s one that I never write, I’m sure you know the kind.

  2. I feel for you, Sil, and for the MOS. I hope she’s got the good meds and that you scored something to help you sleep while you were at the hospital. They really should send the caregivers home with a little something-something.

    I hope she heals quickly and effortlessly. Fingers crossed on you getting some quality help, too.

  3. Uh oh!!!! I hope MOS is healing quickly!!! And not driving you too crazy in the process! Anything I can do to help?!? Miss you!!!

  4. Charming… also sending healing thoughts Mos’s way and would also like to suggest that you treat yourself kindly in these trying times.

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