What the hell, I finished something!

The past couple of weeks of have been some of the most stressful in memory.  Knitting an easy thing for a few minutes at a time was just about all I could manage.  Luckily, just that little bit enabled me to finish the green version of Something Silver.  Garter stitch is very soothing, no thinking just doing.  I just knit until I ran out of yarn.

The green yarn is from the stash, it’s Lana Grossa Merino Big Superfein.  It’s a nice yarn to work with and it knit up a bit stiff for me in this pattern and needle size.  But when I washed it the drape came out.  Lucky for me I must say.  This style of sweater lends itself nicely to a bit of swing and drape.

The pattern is good, as you would expect from Veera.  Nothing weird or complicated and error free as far as I could tell.  The only mod I made was to make the sleeves a bit shorter since I didn’t have enough yarn.  In fact I knit the pocket backs in burgandy yarn.  It’s actually a cute little detail when it peeps out during wear.

The buttons are from the button box, so this really is a green version of Something Silver.  Sadly, it’s about a million degrees outside so this will be a cardie for after sundown.  Thank you fog!


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  1. It’s wonderful! Another winner!

    I hope things improve soon. That kind of stress is so difficult to deal with. If you ever wanna talk, you know where I am.

    Oh, and could you pretty please with cashmere on top send us some delta breezes? It’s Africa hot and smoky here. We are not pleased and need a freakin’ break.

  2. Wow, turned out great and suits you perfectly! Sorry about your stress, I had a few months like that about 6 months ago now when I returned back to high-stress work. Not fun. Hope yours gets better soon……

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