Many exclamation points

What you see pictured is my swap haul from my partner Kat at The Very Best Jumper!  I know!  I want Kat as my swap partner every damn time!

Kat and I both knit as well as sew so she included an amazingly pretty skein of laceweight (Scrumptious Lace by Fyberspates) in a very appropriate burgandy color (burp!).  Rav pattern trolling has commenced.

In the sewing arena are two very cute patterns that I amazingly hadn’t yet owned.  I thought I’d found all the cute patterns already, but Kat found TWO that got away from me.  Then we’ll move on to the amazing array of vintage trims and buttons!   There is a black lace trim that is so sweet and the golden ribbon that is begging to be fancy straps on a halter (current idea only – actual use may change).  And the buttons!  I think Kat may like herself some vintage buttons and am thrilled she shared some beauties with me.  They are so precious I’m going to have to spend some time thinking about how to use them to their best potential.  There are two lots of buttons that I consider “focus” or “statement” buttons that will define a piece so those will require a pattern/fabric combination worthy of their loveliness.

Treatwise, Kat included milk chocolate (my favorite kind) from the real Cadbury (so much nicer than the US kind we get here) and sadly for my friends, melon gum that I tend to snap and annoy those around me with.  I shall not share the chocolate.  Swap organizer Kerry also mentioned that we may include a local element to the swap, something that says it’s from your neck of the woods.  Kat chose marmite which made me laugh!…I know what it is but have never tried it.  Honestly, I may still never try it but I’ve got a few years before the jar goes off, and I may pluck up the courage to try it… (I am a bit picky about food – those who know me are laughing hysterically).  Cleverly Kat also included fragrance by London’s own Jo Malone,  who is one of my faves!  That will definitely go before the marmite.

Best of all is an adorable pouch made by Kat’s own hand that’s perfect for a coin purse and included a little felted heart!

Thanks to Kat for being a great swap partner and Kerry for organizing the whole shebang!


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