Mojo hunting

Not much crafting has been done these past few weeks.  Between the stress and aggravation of being an unwilling nurse and the freaking heat, my time and mojo have been MIA.  Sad, that.

When I did knit, I began knitting on “Set-In Sleeve Seamless Sweater with V-Neck” from Spun Out #21.  I swatched and calculated and started knitting my sweater.  I knit 2×2 rib for 1″ and then hit the road with stockinette in the round.  Perfect mindless knitting.  Unfortunately, after knitting up the first skein I couldn’t keep ignoring the fact that the 1″ of ribbing kept flipping over like a taco (I”m hungry so all metaphors will be food related).  Well that can be blocked, it’s wool after all.

Nope, that was stinkin’ thinkin’.  Why not just do it properly and rip out the knitting and knit a longer bit or ribbing?  Why not indeed, so that is what you see in the most boring picture of a WIP ever.  I’m knitting ribbing. <yawn>

I did come across two very cute patterns though.  One is Marin by Ysolda Teague.  Isn’t it pretty and totally not lace?  I’ve kind of taken against the all lace extravaganzas since I don’t think they’re wearable for me.  Also I live right by the Marin Civic and it puts me in a homey frame of mind.  I purchased the pattern immediately but don’t have any suitable yarn to start that project.

When researching some patterns for the gorgeous Fyberspates Scrumptious Lace skein from my swap partner Kat, I came across this pretty scarf pattern.  It’s Utsukushii Wrap by Jennifer Dassau.  It’s just the right blend of lace and not lace for my taste.  Plus it’s super pretty!  And it’s a freebie!  What’s not to like?  I’ll try to finish my current sock-as-travel-project before starting the lace, but this Utsukushii looks like good travel knitting.

I may feel the mojo stirring, or it could just be the wine…


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  1. In one of her writings somewhere EZ wrote “knit 2×2 ribbing until you are throughly sick of it.” I would say knit 2×2 ribbing till you’re throughly sick of it, then do about another half of an inch.

    • Thanks for the link to the free shawl pattern. Very pretty, and, like you say, just the right amount of lace.

  2. I’m so sorry about the nurse duty and the ripping. Cute patterns. I hope the mojo returns along with cooler temps.

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