I know it looks like I’m about to bust out a cheer here, but trust me.  This picture was the best I could do.  The rest are too awful to even crop my head out of.  So deal.

I made another Kimono Tee from Maria Denmark, this time from a print knit from Stonemountain.  The print is of little apples and is adorable.  When I showed my friend the shirt, she said “don’t you have another tee with apples on it?”  Damn, I do!  That one is yellow and brown and was purchased.  Nuff said.  Clearly I love me an apple tee.

I changed the tee a bit here.  I took out some of the excess at the hip so it’s about 1″ narrower at the bottom than the first one (I melded several sizes to fit my measurements and clearly I added too much to the arse).  I also added a bottom band because I wanted the tee about 1.5″ longer so I wouldn’t get plumber’s crack when I wear it with jeans.  Sorry if that’s too much for you.  I’ll change it to whale tail if you’d like.  After washing the first tee I learned that the narrow seams finishing neck and armholes were too narrow and flipped over and need more depth.  So they’re deeper and I overlocked the neck edge before I twin-needled it.

I didn’t measure how wide to make the band so I just cut a band and sewed it on.  It’s a bit longer than I wanted after I compared it to a perfect length tee as shown.  It still works but I will make a slightly narrower band next time.  Next time?  Yup.  I’ve got a few more pieces of material earmarked for this tee.  Not bored yet I hope!


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  1. Looks like you’re developing the perfect pattern. Then you can just crank them out like crazy. That’s the great thing about a tee – it doesn’t matter if they’re all the same pattern, since the fabric is what makes them unique.

  2. You remind me of Stewie’s mom. Is that bad? 😕 So adorable! The top is nice, too, btw, and there’s nothing wrong with liking apples!

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