Can you see me now?

Wow.  Bright isn’t it?  Yup same tee as the rest, Kimono Tee from MariaDenmark.  I was drawn to this print and it was $3.69 at Fabrix so what could go wrong.  I placed the pattern so that the dark centered flower wouldn’t be right over a boob, but that’s about it.  I also added a band at the bottom.  This is a light fluid knit and the double band at the bottom keeps the top hanging down smoothly.  Plus it’s a nice finish at the bottom.

Yes, I have more material for yet another version of the tee.  No, I have no more time this week as the glamorous world of jet travel beckons.  I shall bring this top on my trips this week to share the summer bright love in the lower 48.  Honk if you see me coming!


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