Not a tee shirt

But still a knit…

So I have a slightly larger piece of knit fabric that I thought should not be made into the lovely Kimono Tee so I eked out a dress from the two yards of cheap knit.  I managed to get New Look 6097 with cap sleeves from the yardage because I’m clever.  In fact, when I took the pattern out from the envelope to iron it into submission before cutting out I noticed that the sewing directions are not there.  I didn’t lose them since I bought the freaking pattern about 12 hours before cutting it out.  Someone filched them in the store or they were mislaid.  That said, I looked over the line drawings and figured I could muddle through without specifics.  Contrary to what you’re all thinking, so far so good.

It’s rather liberating not to have turn by turn instructions.  I have to think out the sewing up strategy as I go along while thinking a few steps ahead.  I mean if I sew the pockets down how will I topstitch the openings?  Should I finish the necklines before sewing the shoulders?  How will I stabilize this cheapo knit neckline that’s cut on the bias?  Enter the google machine.

I thought I’d use clear elastic to stabilize the neck, shoulders and pockets edges.  I’ve never really thought about techniques for this but now I had to and luckily many have written and videoed their techniques.  I must say I’m pleasantly surprised with how tidy those seams are.  Numbers above refer to #1 overlock 3/8″ clear elastic onto the wrong side of the front neck pieces; #2 turn elastic over and double needle elastic into place – press energetically; #3 admire the handiwork on the wrong side and think it doesn’t look all that darn bad.  Besides if you’re looking at the wrong side of my dress bodice, you better not be looking at my stitching.  Weirdo!  (hint – it’s the boobs you should be eying…)

Aywho, this dress may turn out and maybe it won’t but so far I’ve learned alot about clear elastic so that’s a win in my book.


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  1. I still haven’t quite found the courage to tackle knit fabrics (other than for knickers, that is …) yet. Maybe it’s just part of my self-deception (I REALLY need an overlocker, you see?), but those clear plastic strips look like something I might want handy when I finally cave in (to working with knits, not the overlocker, tho that’s bound to happen, too).

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