It’s fine if you squint

After finishing the bodice neck edges on New Look 6097 I thought I’d baste the top to the skirt and see what I’ve got.  When I first started pinning the sides shut on this dress I couldn’t help thinking it looked like a hot mess.  The bodice side tucks fall on the untucked side and make the skirt look lopsided which is exacerbated by the obvious directionality of my print fabric.

I started tugging and pinning and got the waistline horizontal to the floor and will have to fit the skirt to me, I think there may have been a bit of fabric shenanigans since it’s a tad larger than anticipated.  I think I shall add more of the miracle clear elastic to the waist seam to snug it up some.  Also I think a belt is necessary on this style with all the pleats on the super stretchy knit fabric.  I will make a self tie belt, but I did pull a belt out to test my theory.  Yup, better belted but not with this belt.  That belt is the tightest belt in the whole world.  Why is it even in my possession?  You can see me gasping for breath in the last picture.

So far I’m quite happy with the cross front of the neckline.  That neck will stay closed without a safety pin and won’t gap giving free boob shots to passersby.  Working out the tension of the serger when applying the elastic is just about the hardest part of this sewing technique, so at least I’ve learned a bit here and can think of lots of uses for serging elastic to things (sweatpants you’re next!)…