New dress or ways to use clear elastic

I should probably label this dress “Courtesy of the American Clear Elastic Lobby”  since I’ve never used so much clear elastic in my life.  I found about seven ways to use clear elastic in this pretty simple knit dress.  Bet you can’t spot them all!  Well you can’t see them so I’ll just tell you.  Front neck, back neck, waist seam (front and back), pocket openings and….wait for it….shoulders!

WTF!  Well it’s not all that weird to use clear elastic when sewing with knits, but I guess I’ve just never used it that much before.  I use it to stabilize shoulder seams all the damn time, but this really stretchy light fabric really needed help to make it not look like the super cheap fabric it is.

The pattern is New Look 6097 and it had a few issues, not much wrong, but a big waist that I can’t figure out why it’s got so much ease.  I took it all out.  And this is the pattern that didn’t come with instructions.  I was too lazy to go back to the store to change it out, so I just figured it out best I could.  Then end result is a wearable dress that may actually get some use since it’s still hot here (and in most places I fly).  This fabric is so not natural it can be run over by a car and still not wrinkle and it packs up into the size of tube socks.  That’s a good thing when suitcase space is an issue.  FYI, I’d wear it with flip flops and over my bathing suit.  I could dress it up but I so don’t live like that…

For more details head over to my review on PatternReview.

For the knitters in the crowd, I’ve not got much for you.  My tendonitis doesn’t let me knit much so the two new rows of stockinette on my EZ sweater tube wouldn’t thrill you much.  I still look and buy knitting patterns though so let me enable you if you’ve not come across my two newest favorites:  the sublimely beautiful yoke on this cardigan makes me squeal!  I’d use different colors for my Hiro, but love!  My other fave is of course striped.  I’m mad for stripes and Fortune Bay just checked all my boxes.  Luckily I’m going to acupuncture today to get those elbows worked on so maybe knitting progress can speed up from the present snails pace.


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  1. Wow! The dress went from ok to fab just with a bit (or a bunch) of elastic? Amazing! I’ll admit to being underwhelmed by the before pics, but I really like the after.

  2. I love Hiro too.

    The dress looks great. If I were to get tendonitis, my replacement hobbie, (which I realize you did before, but pretend you didn’t) would probably be slobbering and trying to eat people’s livers. So glad you’re doing something much more productive.

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