Of crotches and things

What’s with the tree piccies you wonder?

Well unfortunately I didn’t photograph my crafty efforts before I hopped a plane for work this afternoon, so leaves is it.

The tree at left is in Florida.  It was so massive and gorgeous I literally stopped in my sweaty tracks and whipped out the iPhone.  It has a huge v-shaped bottom (a crotch right?) and the middle pic is just looking up at the right side branch.  I wish my pics showed its awesomeness.

The left tree is some fall foliage in my neighborhood, I love fall and usually go to New York Sheep and Wool with my sister in October.  This year I’m not able to go, so my leaf peeping will have to take place locally.   I shall miss going to the festival this year, it’s my favorite and it’s fun to hang with my sis.  Don’t feel too bad for me though, I’m going to Switzerland that week for a bit of family business.  So instead of a suitcase full of wool, I’ll be coming back with a suitcase full of chocolate.  I am so not kidding, I’m not bringing any clothes.

Despite no photographic evidence, I did cut out two knit tops from some stashed fabrics.  I also knit on my EZ-V pullover and am less than an inch from all the armhole/v-neck steek creation action.  Yay!  The tube of knitting, while easy, is a tad dull.

An oh, did I mention that all those lovely fall pictures above are from places that are having heat index advisories because fall is hot!  I keep waiting for the “crisp” fall air but I keep getting the “hotter than hades” fall air.  Oh well, there is a suitcase full of chocolate in my future, that’s a good thing.


Ok, what’s going on here?

Do you know it is impossible to photograph a gray skirt in the early afternoon in California?  Well it is.  Trust me on this one.  Above is the completed skirt #121 from Burda Style 10/2012 that was mentioned in the sewing plans of my last post.  Who knew I’d actually make anything I’d planned? Not me, that’s for darn sure.

I started with the skirt and used fabric from my stash.  In fact the only item I needed to buy was the zipper.  The skirt is a wool from the Stonemountain half price section and I believe it’s a Hugo Boss wool.  It looks and feels like men’s suiting and is a nice light weight.  The lining is poly something silver from my stash and the  hem bias was leftover silk from my Raspberry coat lining.

The main feature of this A-line skirt is a curved front dart that becomes a pocket.  It’s not as complicated to sew as it looks and I’m lucky I chose a fairly lightweight wool to make this out of.  One version in the pattern magazine is in wool loden which is super heavy and kind of felted material.  I’d be drinking heavily if I had to sew a decent dart from a heavy wool.  As it is the light wool worked ok but I should have used a darker lining in the pocket since that shows when you move in this skirt  The only modification I made was to shorten it 2″ with a final length of 21″ from waist.  I cut a straight 42 and modified to fit my waist and arse at the side seams. Minimal fitting was necessary.

I am modelling this lovely skirt with my work heels (Payless since you asked) and the tee I wore to the gym minutes after taking these piccies.  Glamour is so not involved in my life!  My pattern review is here for those so inclined.

Sewing plans or pie in the sky

After being gone for seven days last week I came home with every intention to collapse into a dampish heap.  But what do I spy when I get home?  Another fabulous edition of Burda Style Magazine.  The past three editions have been great – which is good because some of those summer ones sucked hard.  The past three are all gearing up for fall, and I love fall.  Yes, where I live fall is still very warm but that doesn’t mean I can’t peruse the half price wools at Stonemountain and dream of tweed things.

So I see all these things I need to make NOW!  I decided to compile a not at all comprehensive display so I can remember what the heck I was thinking a bit further down the timeline.  So far I’m kind of top heavy but I did sign up for the Jeanius class at Craftsy that I can’t wait to start, plus I’ve got the new Thurlow Pants pattern from Sewaholic.  Clearly I need to not work in order to get my personal sewing sweatshop up and running.

In addition to wanting to make everything in the whole world (apparently) there is also a most amazing coat pattern in the October Burda Style (can’t link since they’ve not got the October issue patterns up).  It’s a double breasted A-line short coat and I love it.  I made my first coat last year and it was fun.  A lot of work, but fun.  I may just succumb to temptation again if I find some nice coating in the half price room at Stonemountain.  There are dozens and dozens of amazing wools there at half price so don’t bet against seeing this project sometime.  When? I don’t know, but sometime.

So those some of my grand plans.  If I get any portion of these garments done I shall be a happy person.  Which one to start with?  I’ll go check my stash and decide.

Day and night

This morning my view was of Las Vegas.

Tonight it’s a view of Atlanta.

I know this picture of Atlanta is odd, but I love the effect of the camera phone here.  I thought it looked a touch Starry Night-ish, though the stars here are hidden by the clouds.  It was too good to delete and retake.

Tomorrow you ask?  My view will be from my bed.  At home.  Good times.

Covered in autumn

A while back I was musing about what to make with this fabric that I nicknamed Big Flowers (for obvious reasons).  I bought it a few years ago and can not remember what my “plan” was for this material.  It’s a nice stretch cotton woven fabric and I’d enough for a dress.  Then I thought “Self, that is not such a super idea.  You’d look like a cheerful florist at a trade show booth enticing passersby with free fertilizer samples.  Rethink.”

I then saw this tunic pattern on Kat’s blog and thought I’d use Big Flowers for that.  The pattern is Wiksten Tova and was apparently very hot on the web a while ago and hard to come by.  Since I’m late to this party it’s very easy to come by as a download (from here).

This pattern is pretty darn simple.  I cut it out in about half an hour and didn’t bother to do much in the way of marking (but then truth be told, I never to much marking – I’m a seat of the pants sewing rebel).  I then sewed up most of the top during the awesome 49ers win against the Packers.  I could have finished the whole thing but I had to stop and cheer and swear and shake my fist a bit, as one does.  Slightly more info available in my review on Pattern Review.

Am I the only one who loves to craft during (American) football games?  I sew when they’re not playing actively, and in a game of fits and starts you can apparently sew up a whole freaking blouse.  I like to imagine other crafty endeavors taking place during the games filled with all those commercials aimed at dudes drinking cheap beer and looking at lady boobies.  I wonder if anyone knows  cares half their audience is female?  And crafty?

Down the tubes

Lest you think I’m incapable of knitting, I present the above evidence.  Yup.  I’m knitting an EZ sweater in the round.   It’s really not too exciting is it?  I do like stockinette though, it’s very wearable.  In this project I’m using Spun Out #21 “Set-In Sleeve Seamless Sweater with V-Neck”.  I guess I could nickname this SISSSWVN, but that’s not very catchy is it?  As you can see I’m on the body tube now and I knit as much as my elbows allow.  Progress is slow, but onward! as EZ would say.