Covered in autumn

A while back I was musing about what to make with this fabric that I nicknamed Big Flowers (for obvious reasons).  I bought it a few years ago and can not remember what my “plan” was for this material.  It’s a nice stretch cotton woven fabric and I’d enough for a dress.  Then I thought “Self, that is not such a super idea.  You’d look like a cheerful florist at a trade show booth enticing passersby with free fertilizer samples.  Rethink.”

I then saw this tunic pattern on Kat’s blog and thought I’d use Big Flowers for that.  The pattern is Wiksten Tova and was apparently very hot on the web a while ago and hard to come by.  Since I’m late to this party it’s very easy to come by as a download (from here).

This pattern is pretty darn simple.  I cut it out in about half an hour and didn’t bother to do much in the way of marking (but then truth be told, I never to much marking – I’m a seat of the pants sewing rebel).  I then sewed up most of the top during the awesome 49ers win against the Packers.  I could have finished the whole thing but I had to stop and cheer and swear and shake my fist a bit, as one does.  Slightly more info available in my review on Pattern Review.

Am I the only one who loves to craft during (American) football games?  I sew when they’re not playing actively, and in a game of fits and starts you can apparently sew up a whole freaking blouse.  I like to imagine other crafty endeavors taking place during the games filled with all those commercials aimed at dudes drinking cheap beer and looking at lady boobies.  I wonder if anyone knows  cares half their audience is female?  And crafty?