Sewing plans or pie in the sky

After being gone for seven days last week I came home with every intention to collapse into a dampish heap.  But what do I spy when I get home?  Another fabulous edition of Burda Style Magazine.  The past three editions have been great – which is good because some of those summer ones sucked hard.  The past three are all gearing up for fall, and I love fall.  Yes, where I live fall is still very warm but that doesn’t mean I can’t peruse the half price wools at Stonemountain and dream of tweed things.

So I see all these things I need to make NOW!  I decided to compile a not at all comprehensive display so I can remember what the heck I was thinking a bit further down the timeline.  So far I’m kind of top heavy but I did sign up for the Jeanius class at Craftsy that I can’t wait to start, plus I’ve got the new Thurlow Pants pattern from Sewaholic.  Clearly I need to not work in order to get my personal sewing sweatshop up and running.

In addition to wanting to make everything in the whole world (apparently) there is also a most amazing coat pattern in the October Burda Style (can’t link since they’ve not got the October issue patterns up).  It’s a double breasted A-line short coat and I love it.  I made my first coat last year and it was fun.  A lot of work, but fun.  I may just succumb to temptation again if I find some nice coating in the half price room at Stonemountain.  There are dozens and dozens of amazing wools there at half price so don’t bet against seeing this project sometime.  When? I don’t know, but sometime.

So those some of my grand plans.  If I get any portion of these garments done I shall be a happy person.  Which one to start with?  I’ll go check my stash and decide.


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  1. If you came out this way, you’d get plenty o’ opportunity to wear fallish things. The first few leaves are starting to turn already!

  2. I used to sew and tailor (a lot), but the only real sewing I’ve done in the last 20 years was my daughter’s wedding dress. Now the sewing bug is biting me. I used to use either Vogue or Butterick; I’ve never used Burda. I assume you’d recommend and, if so, would you tell me why?

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