Of crotches and things

What’s with the tree piccies you wonder?

Well unfortunately I didn’t photograph my crafty efforts before I hopped a plane for work this afternoon, so leaves is it.

The tree at left is in Florida.  It was so massive and gorgeous I literally stopped in my sweaty tracks and whipped out the iPhone.  It has a huge v-shaped bottom (a crotch right?) and the middle pic is just looking up at the right side branch.  I wish my pics showed its awesomeness.

The left tree is some fall foliage in my neighborhood, I love fall and usually go to New York Sheep and Wool with my sister in October.  This year I’m not able to go, so my leaf peeping will have to take place locally.   I shall miss going to the festival this year, it’s my favorite and it’s fun to hang with my sis.  Don’t feel too bad for me though, I’m going to Switzerland that week for a bit of family business.  So instead of a suitcase full of wool, I’ll be coming back with a suitcase full of chocolate.  I am so not kidding, I’m not bringing any clothes.

Despite no photographic evidence, I did cut out two knit tops from some stashed fabrics.  I also knit on my EZ-V pullover and am less than an inch from all the armhole/v-neck steek creation action.  Yay!  The tube of knitting, while easy, is a tad dull.

An oh, did I mention that all those lovely fall pictures above are from places that are having heat index advisories because fall is hot!  I keep waiting for the “crisp” fall air but I keep getting the “hotter than hades” fall air.  Oh well, there is a suitcase full of chocolate in my future, that’s a good thing.


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  1. I left San Jose, CA, on Friday. They were having the hottest temps of the summer. I went to Pasadena, CA. It was expected to be over 100 degrees in Padadena today. And this morning I flew to Phoenix, AZ. It was just over 100 today here. Such amazing weather.

  2. The no sheep and wool thing is disappointing me. 😦 However, I could be made to feel better with a chocolate bar. I forget the name, but its the whipped milk chocolate one with the nougaty bits??? WHAT IS IT CALLED?????

  3. That is a banyan tree. The roots grow down to the ground and make a new trunk. There’s a tree like this in Miami, FL area (at least there was back in the day) that covers an entire city block. We also had them in Hawaii and I never get tired of looking at them.

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