Uh, what am I forgetting?

I’ve been knitting on my EZ-V sweater tube and I am making it a similar dimension to my favorite JCrew sweater and I noticed that the eternal body tube knitting was nearing and end.  I thought “Great! Now I can start the interesting bit at the shoulder/neck steek stuff.”  What I seem to have forgotten is that I have arms, long ones in fact.  Sleeves please!  Argh!  Sleeves have been started, well sleeve singular.

Really, who forgets sleeves when knitting a sweater?  Me.  Clearly the jetlag is permanent at this point.


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  1. Steeking … one of the things I haven’t dared yet.
    Every time I finish a sweater, I swear I’ll do the sleeves first next time … and then I forget 😀 Sleeves can be the longest small pieces, no?

  2. I know, sleeves are a pain. One of them always flys by for me, and the other drags on forever. (It depends on which one.) At least EZ sleeves are shorter, on usual, than the old fashioned “sew the sleeve in” sleeves.

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