Just chocolate

Despite flying round trip to Europe this past week I didn’t knit more than a row.  I must have been to busy doing I don’t know what.  No knitting progress shots, sorry.

Family stuff took up most of the day but I did find time to peruse the magazines in the shops and found two magazines I needed to take home.  One is Bernina Inspiration magazine.  It has what to my mind is a shar pei coat on the cover.  The center front has “waves” between the buttons.  The bottom part of the coat zips off and you can zip on an asymmetric skirt of just leave it off for a cropped coat.

Another garment in that magazine that I’ve become totally obsessed with is a wraparound vest.  I just adore the aesthetic of this simple garment, it’s almost like a Japanese design in it’s simplicity.  Check out the pattern, it’s two rounded off rectangles.  I think a steely gray knit fabric would be amazing.

The other magazine I bought is Sabrina Woman and I can honestly say I’d make every garment in this issue.  The tag line on the cover kind of translates to “cute separates – quick and easy sewing” and the contents are as advertised.  These are nice basics with cute details.  I have a crappy picture of the line drawings so you can see the bones of the magazine.  I hope I’ve got time to make a top before I have to head out to work.

What else did I bring back?  How about a crazy amount of chocolate?  Yup, that’s a lot and it’s all stuff you can’t buy here so I justified it rather easily.

Now I’m fighting jetlag but the sunshine helps immensely and westbound jetlag is easier to shake than eastbound.  I’ve also got lots of sugar fixes available should that become necessary.


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  1. That is a serious chocolate stash 😀 I like the idea of the coat, and the welts/waves are certainly an unusual element. It’s so rare to see something truly unique, one’s gotta love it for the mere fact that somebody came up with, lol.

  2. Holy crap I love Callier- I so wish I had brought more back with me… Wait a minute, I just sent yarn to the DIL there, that should be worth some dark chocolate with orange shavings!

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