Snake head scarf

I began Galathea for a travel project for my flight to Zurich a few weeks ago.  I always forget that lace projects require you to not be crazy tired and are much easier to knit with good light.  Jetlag and dark airplanes are not ideal for lace knitting in my book.

So what I have here is two repeats of the lace chart, so about 60 rows.  I’ve knit the last 30 rows twice – yes I ripped out 30 rows because I’d messed up somehow and just couldn’t live with it as is.  It turned out to be a relatively painless process to redo it so I’m glad I’m a mature enough knitter to rip when necessary.

The knitting is going well now so I hope more trips to the frog pond won’t be necessary.  I’m using some lovely Fyberspates Scrumptious Lace that I scored in a swap with Kat and the yarn certainly lives up to it’s scrumptious billing.  The color is a vibrant, rich red that my limited photography skills don’t do justice to.  I’m a working fiend at present so progress will be slow around these parts.  I tried to knit on this scarf while wearing my uniform the other day (I was in the lounge waiting for my flight – I don’t knit on duty!) and the yarn became entangled in my wings unbeknownst to me and when I stood up my knitting dragged itself along for 10 feet before I noticed.  Needless to say it didn’t do my project any good and resulted in a hot mess that had to be ripped.  I shall guard against my yarn grabbing wings in future so learn from my mistakes.

Also, is it just me or does the scarf look like a rattlesnake head?

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  1. Ms sil… Could you email me your mailing address. I have a treat or two to send you and I promise no crazy stalker stuff. Blts at windstream dot Net

  2. I’m very glad you’re a mature knitter too. That was supposed to sound all passive-agressive, and was supposed to imply I’m not. I wasn’t sure if you got that.

    It looks great though, So far, so good!

    You have to wear wings for work? Who do you work for, “Fairy Air”?

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