Oh fair isle, how I don’t like to knit you. Yet here we go again…

This is the total yarn purchase for my trip to Switzerland.  Yes, I went back to Switzerland again to packmule my momma back home.  I am now officially a huge, hot mess.  I did manage to sleep in today with minimal middle of the night hijnks, so maybe I’m being a bit dramatic.

Back to the yarn.  I bought these sock yarn skeins in Bern with the intent of making There & Back Again Socks.  Love!  I just adore that pattern.  Of course it’s a toe up pattern and I hate toe up sock knitting so I’ll do it my way (cuff down) and just do the chart backwards.  That shouldn’t be too hard of an adjustment with this pattern.  I just need to finish up the basic socks I’m knitting at the moment to get started on these.  I plan on making two pairs of the T&B socks, but sometimes my eye wanders.  Maybe I’ll end up with dots or skulls for the second batch…

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  1. That is one of my very favorite sock yarns. And a very cute sock pattern indeed. Nice momma-mule, yarn-mule and chocolate-mule efforts!

  2. I thought it was all chocolate and banking there. Who knew?! I hope everyone is doing well and that the trans-Atlantic flying is done for a while for you. Love that sock pattern! I’m looking forward to hearing what you think of the pattern.

  3. That is my very favorite sock yarn. It wears like iron & gets so nice after a few washes. I haven’t been able to find it forever – I guess I’ll have to fly to Switzerland to get a few skeins. The pattern looks intriguing, but I doubt that I would ever knit it. Give me plain vanilla socks any day.

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