Go green or go home

I beg to differ, I've got a few tears here...

I beg to differ, I’ve got a few tears here…

So look, I’m almost done with the EZ-V neck sweater.  Unfortunately I’ve run out of yarn and can’t get more.  Yup, despite buying what I thought was enough (almost 1100 yards of worsted weight), I don’t have enough to finish the back neck and make a neck ribbing.  Dude!  Sucks!

So I’m going to put on my big girl pants and frog this almost sweater.  I initially wanted to add some pink accents to this sweater but went with just a solid, now I’m going to add some pink to stretch the yardage.  The good part is my favorite color combo is pink and green so I’ll get a combo sweater I should like.

So today I will watch football and rip out my sweater.  Such is life so I’ll try to take this with patience and grace.  Sigh. And my 49ers better win, otherwise I’m eating a shit ton of xmas cookies.

Edited to add: 49ers lost in OT to a crap team they can’t seem to beat. I am now mainlining Trader Joe’s Pfeffernusse.


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  1. Ouch, I feel your pain! What about just snipping off the ribbing & using your pink for the ribbing on all ends? That would save the pain of a total frog…

  2. Here is what sucks. The shaping in that sweater looks amazing. Like a pro. What about connecting green to pink in a band of simple fair isle a la the vest I’ve got on the needles now?

  3. My sympathies on both the sweater and the football. The Bears also lost. I didn’t touch my knitting today so nothing could go wrong there!

  4. Bummer. Did you consider cutting off the bottoms of each sleeve and reknitting a bit of ribbing to make 3/4 sleeves, then using the extra for the neck?

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