Under the mending pile…

Where the F were you last week?!

Last week I ripped out my EZ-V Neck sweater because I didn’t have enough yarn.  I was a bit puzzled as I thought I’d purchased enough worsted weight yarn to make a pullover based on a general yardage consensus for the size sweater I was planning.  I got to the end and didn’t have enough yarn to finish the neck.  I ended up ripping it out because it wasn’t going to be the sweater I’d wanted.  I’ve got some pink yarns and will make a striped sweater from the green.  Annoying, but not a tragedy.

So the other day I’m tidy up my pile of “mending” (I don’t mend but that’s another story) and found a skein of this yarn under said pile.  WTF!  One the one hand I’d ripped out the sweater already and couldn’t just make it whole again.  On the other hand I KNEW I had enough yarn and wasn’t insane.  My math skills are really rather good you know.

Argh!  Life, she is so crazy.

So I will show you the green yarn in it’s present incarnation when it looks like something other than a little pile of nothing.  It’s now going to be a top down sweater because running out of yarn will not happen again, but top down sweater beginnings are not so blog worthy.

Also, please be assured that the “mending” pile is now in a Goodwill bag and there is nothing lurking there anymore.


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  1. Oh no, that is so annoying! Funny enough, tho, I did a similar thing – I was making a ruffled border for a shawl, and ran out of yarn. I was PRETTY SURE I had another ball, but no amount of digging brought it to light.
    Not before I had ripped the edging out, and started a different kind, that is. Then I found it …

  2. That is horrible. And mostly it’s horrible and terrible with a French accent because that makes it sound worse. I spit upon it.

  3. How totally disturbing. But I guess this sweater was just not meant to be. The one with the stripes and the looser fit will probably get more use anyway.

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