Seeking shells

New sweater and haircut!

I’ve decided to use the yarn from my EZ V-neck for a Shellseeker top down pullover.  I used my failed pullover as a giant swatch and I think the little bit I’ve knit so far fits fine.  I want a loose, comfy fit and that appears to be what I’ve got.  I added stripes just to make sure I’ve got enough yarn.  I’m pretty sure I do since I did find that stray ball of yarn AND still know where it is.

The Shellseeker stripes are supposed 2 by 2 and I’m doing mine as 4 by 2 in order to get a more French sailor shirt look.  The only thing I’m not loving on this sweater so far is the neck edge, it’s super rolly and I don’t know how much blocking will help.  I will have to figure something out when I get that far.

And guess who’s got the shortest hair of her life?  Me!  I like it and am glad I ditched the long hair.  I feel sassy so watch out.

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  1. You’re looking mighty sassy! I love the new cut. As one who’s had her fait share of 2×2, I’m loving the 4×2 and the color combo.

  2. a) you look SUPER and
    b) maybe I will ditch that topdown I’ve been knittin’ and make this instead it’s been in my queue FOREVER and
    c) njstacey made her neck into a longish (but straight, not wide) cowl and it looks pretty cool.

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