I put up the Christmas tree!

Cute and delicious!

It’s not really an onerous task since I have a fake tree that snaps together and has pre-strung lights, but it still takes me a few days because I only do a bit at a time.  I mean I started Sunday and finished Wednesday…night.  Kinda lame but the tree is cute, no?  What’s fabulous this year is that all the ornaments (bar a few birds that were my dad’s) are chocolate.  I kid you not.  I muled back enough chocolate ornaments from Switzerland to cover a 48″ tree.  Yup, my tree is covered in Swiss chocolate and I should win some sort of award.  Other than the pleasure of eating that much chocolate.

Monkey jammies!

Next to the tree is my “sewing room” aka the dining room table.  It is on there that I made a pair of pj bottoms.  Yes they are the same pj bottoms I always make from a pattern drafted from the best pair of pajama pants ever that are long since kaput.  What’s super about this pair is the cute fabric is gift from Sophanne, who destashed in my general direction.  Thanks Becky!

Other than that I’ve cut out a blouse (well a week ago!) that would be super cute if I ever got around to sewing it up.  But tomorrow begins a week of holiday fun at work so that won’t happen for a while.  Alas!

Hope your tree has some chocolate ornaments too!


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  1. What a way to make me smile and happy! A tree full of Swiss chocolates and the fabric that was in my closet for years coming to fruition. I am still enjoying small bits and pieces of the dark and orange chocolate… I finally got wise/brave enough to ask DIL of Mr. Sophanne to send some. She’s feeling the knitting mentor love so timing was perfect!

  2. I am Swiss, so I remember these chocolate ornaments well. Ours never lasted very long. Pretty tree, I hope you get to enjoy it, despite your work schedule. Happy Holidays!

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