Snow, seriously

Can I Photoshop all that snow into grass?

I am working because I am not the type to come to a cold place for fun.  Yes I CAN ski and board, but honestly I haven’t in ages because I hate being cold.  Which is probably good that I knit.

I’ve not been home a lot these past few weeks, just long enough to wash a uniform and repack so I completely missed the fact that I’d be in Jackson Hole today and that it probably won’t be very warm.  Yes I’ve got my coat and mittens but no snow appropriate shoes or the will to find a way the one mile into downtown to do touristy shit.  I could in fact snowboard since I am right next to a ski resort, but unless I can do it in my pjs or my (now very tight) jeans and my work uniform peacoat, that shit ain’t happening.  So today I’ve decided to knit while looking at the snow and crank the heat to 76 degrees.  Netflix may also enter the picture.  Yes, glamorous isn’t it?

The sock is admiring the snow out the window and happy to be inside.

My poor little sock is only a bit farther along than when last you saw it, which is not the fault of the Crazy Zauberball yarn – just a nasty December schedule.  It reminds me of the Trekking sock yarn, and in fact I’m wearing my favorite Trekking socks right now (in the 76 degree heat).  I hope the Zauberball wears like Trekking.  Sure, it’s not a glamorous fancypants sock yarn, but these Trekking socks have worn like a champ and the pills just give them character.

So now with my afternoon planned I’ll set my alarm for 4am and knit in the warmth!  I hope y’all had a great Christmas!  I cooked and ate and ate and ate….

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  1. I love the socks.

    Stay warm. As someone who lives in the frozen north and often walks 1-3 miles and thinks nothing of it, I can relate. I haven’t had shoes for snow since grade school, and cope with lots of socks and tennis shoes. Best of Luck.

    Christmas was good. You already know this. Sorry you had to work.

  2. Jackson Hole! I’ve always wanted to go there. You’ll have to tell me whether you think its worth it to make the trek out. I hope you had a good day despite the snow.

  3. I can well appreciate your lack of interest in the cold and snow – I’m pretty darned tired of shoveling after 2 big snowfalls in 2 days. But I did once spend a lovely Christmas vacation in Jackson hole. Lots of fun. We ate Christmas dinner at Village Inn, since it was next to our motel and was one of the few places open. They made pretty darn good Hot Buttered Rums.

  4. I’m cold looking at all that snow. Bah!

    Lovely sock in progress. Always love those Trekking socks. They really do wear well. I hope you’re staying warm and doing well. When’s your next break?

  5. For what its worth, all of my vacation time has been spent knitting, napping, netflixxing, and shoveling snow, so there’s something to be said for having to work! (no shoveling)

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