Desperately seeking a day off

Too bad half shirts are out of fashion because I’d be done now!

I’ve been working on Shellseeker in the little bits of time I’ve been home from work these past couple of weeks and have made progress.  I’ve got the pocket done and will add about 6″ more body length to get this to the length I envision before beginning the split hem.  My row gauge is a bit off (as it always is) so I’ve been taking the pattern row gauge and figuring out what “knit 7 more rows” would be in inches and then doing that in my gauge.  I just wish patterns would give me specs like that.  For instance “knit until body measures X inches”  is much clearer to my pea brain than knit Y rows.  Does anyone get row gauge?  Is it just me that has to fiddle?  I’m guessing not.

Now I see I could have made the pocket a tad lower but it’s destined to only ever hold my cell phone as I get out of the car and it’s fine and not too weird looking where it is.  I mean, it’s over my tummy so that seems a reasonable spot for pockets.

And because it’s New Year’s Eve – I’ll wish you all a wonderful and healthy New Year!  Sorry, I’m too lazy for nice year end round ups and I suspect it’s not too impressive a list this year…that’s ok though since I’m happy with my desultory output.

P.S.  Hey knitters, I almost forgot, the other day over at lovely Cookie‘s she pointed out that Tin Can Knits is giving a free pattern away until TODAY (I think) so head over there and check out the patterns and Share the Love.

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  1. No, I usually don’t get row gauge either, so I’m often doing math. But then, I usually need to lengthen my sweaters anyway, so even if I got gauge I’d still be doing the math.

  2. Great sweater! I’m just revisiting my stripe-knitting technique and finding that it isn’t as easy as it looks! Clearly, you have it down to an art 🙂

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