Flipping out

All wonky laying on the kitchen table. The color is pretty good here, but brighter in real life btw.

A cute detail of the Shellseeker pattern is the split shirttail hem.  I did suspect that my yarn would flip that ribbing over and no amount of blocking could prevent that from happening when wearing this sweater.  I think a more drapey yarn would work fine, and there are numerous examples that don’t seem to being indulging in the circus antics my front hem seems to favor.

Knowing all that, I gave it a try anyway while watching an episode The Killing (the Danish one of course) last night.  I’m a little bit sick and have taken up residence in my bed for the next few days and am taking quantities of Chinese herbs and tinctures to stave off further sickness.  That is good news for knitting progress so I had the time to try the cute hem.


I’m ripping it out and planning on about 2″ of regular old 2×2 ribbing then starting sleeves.  The neck edge is still rolling like a mother f-er but I did find another knitter picked up those neck stitches and did a 3 stitch i-cord bind off that solved the problem well and attractively.  I shall give that a try too!  Home stretch knitting approaching!  Good news since I ALREADY bought my next sweater’s worth of yarn…top down set in sleeve experiment for those interested in that.

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  1. I hope you’ll get better soon, even extra knitting time doesn’t make being sick fun.
    Naughty, misbehaving hem – but I’m sure it will look super cute with a big ole ribbed hem, too. And I’m a bit of a fan for applied icord for rolling edges, fingers crossed it works out as you hope!
    Can’t wait to see the finished item, the colours are lovely.

  2. Happy knitting time. What really sucks is when you’re too sick to knit. I am looking forward to some set in sleeves. The first sweater I ever made had them, and I did them, and they looked fine, but I have no idea why. I’m thinking that your sewing prowess will come in handy because all those pieces are the same shape as fabric ones. Ask me how long it took me to figure that out!

  3. Sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well. Get some rest, you probably got something in the CCC (Crazy Christmas Crunch.) Knit on. I’m about ready to start my home stretch knitting, there is nothing better than sitting up late at night, bleary eyed and doing finishing things like mad. Not that I would ever do that.

  4. It sucks to be sick, especially during your much needed time off. I like your sweater, and it will look great on you once you finish. Feel better soon.

  5. Hope you are all better now! It’s interesting that you take Chinese herbs 🙂 We drink herbal teas and soups too.
    Hope the ribbed hem behaves better!
    Will check out the apps you mentioned, though I suspect that they may not be very informative for my location 😦

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