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Chic or grandma?

When I saw that Pretty Grievances was putting together a “Jungle January” sew-a-long I thought I’d throw my hat into the ring. I’ve been thinking of breaking out of my sewing comfort rut and making something different and this was great motivator.

I also gave myself a few ground rules for this challenge. I wanted to make something I’d wear. I know that sounds simple, but really it’s not. I tend to wear a limited part of my non-uniform wardrobe – mostly jeans, knit tops and an embarrassing quantity of sweats. Sure, in summer I love me a knit sundress because there is nothing more comfortable than that, but mostly I don’t ever wear dresses unless it’s an “occasion”. I’ll  wear the occasional casual skirt, but that’s about it. Hmmm.

Lone serged seam (green arrow), french seam (red arrow), mismatched buttons (orange circle)

My other “rule” was that I needed to use stash – fabric, notions and pattern. If I didn’t have it on hand it wasn’t meant to be. Now this is an animal themed project, but that can be a print with an animal in it, in addition to the more traditional interpretations of “animal print”.

That’s a rather long way of saying I made a blouse. The pattern is from Burda Style (03-2012-127) which is a button front blouse with a stand collar and 7/8 length sleeves. The fabric is some georgette I bought at Joann one day on the way home from the airport with some pretty hideous jetlag. I remember I’d bought it to make a sundress but relegated the fabric to the stash bin when I got some sleep.  I can’t really describe the print, it’s vaguely animal yet feathery and mauve.  Pride week emu?

I constructed the blouse in a standard manner – shoulders, fronts, collar, sides, sleeves/cuffs, hem, buttonholes.  I did use my new copy of Sandra Betzina’s Power Sewing a bunch.  It’s a good book and it inspired me up my game a bit.  I used french seams for all seams except the armholes.  I used Sandra’s method of collar attachment and loved it!  All in all a pretty easy project.  The buttons on the front and sleeves are different but are small, black and shiny so it should only be noticed by me and it used up 7 buttons from stash (of one million).  The photo on the side shows a nice french seam and the mismatched buttons.

For more sewing info go to my review on PatternReview.

The hardest part of this project was summoning up the energy to sew.  My sickness has lingered and even made me go to the doctor.  Eeek!  I’m back to work tomorrow as an experiment to see if it will kill me.  I think it will be fine but I’ve got to make some money to support my hobbies and eating habits – twin vices!


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  1. As far as old lady or chic, it really could go either way. Just don’t wear it with a shawl. That having been said I really like it! It goes well with your hair.

    Good Luck with work!

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  3. All of your decisions to make this blouse make sense. It had to be something that you’d wear and this piece certainly fit the bill. The buttons and style really work on this fabric.

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