I see London, I see France…

Yes, more pants. I won’t use “panties” because it’s a word that drives some people around the bend – so PANTS.

TMI warning:  I’ve got some undies that are past when they should have been thrown out.  They are also the ones you love wearing around the house because they are so freaking comfortable.  The elastic is all wobbly and worn out, there are one or two holes and the prints are faded from all the laundering.  Perfect!

Well it would be easier to toss them out if I make new ones.  Yes, I can buy them but for some reason it gives me such a satisfaction to make such a basic, useful garment.

Luckily for those thinking about making some pants yourself, the lovely blogger verypurpleperson put up a great comprehensive tutorial.  Check it out asap.

Don’t you love Jerry Rice Bear?

My pants are made from repurposed tshirts.  I picked up some tees at the thrift store the other day and bought great colors of picot elastic at Fabrix.  The tees are $1.99 and the elastic is 25 cents a yard.  I can make two pairs of pants from most of the tees and the sewing takes about half an hour tops, and even though the sewing isn’t perfect they still work just fine as undies.  Not a bad quick bang for your buck project.  Why only one pair here?  Because I had to go to work (of course) so the rest of the pant express in sherbet colors will be coming in next week.  Exciting, no?

In an attempt to make this blog post even less interesting to anyone else in the world, let me share my lucky 49ers Jerry Rice beanie baby with you.  He’s lovely and will hopefully propel my 49ers to victory on Sunday with his magical love.  Yes, I have to work so Jerry Rice Bear (my name for him) will have to work his magic solo for a win.  (This is an American Football reference to the team I support, the San Francisco 49ers.)  His other duties are to watch over me when I sleep, not in a creepy way of course.  Magical thinking much.  Nah…

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  1. I would just say underwear. Even though I am not bothered by the word panties. I love that you’re making underwear and am tempted to do so myself. My underwear is pretty non-sexy. That was creepy, I don’t know why I said it. To continue the creepiness, I’m wondering, is that an outie belly button, or something else?

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