They are very prescient at Pei Wei.

I know in the logical part of my brain that Jerry Rice Bear did not “actually” help my 49ers to victory and the Super Bowl.  I know that.  But I did get some clear indications of upcoming victory from my fortune cookie at lunch.  So now I have Jerry Rice Bear AND fortune cookies working on one more victory.

No, I am perfectly sober.

Yes, I had to lay down on the floor of my hotel room during the very exciting second half of the game.

Yes, I immediately took a very hot, cleansing shower after the game was over to get the hotel room floor funk off.

No, I could not knit during the game, too nervy.  No socks progress shots.  Sorry.


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  1. I actually heard the 49ers won before this. (I get news from places besides knitting blogs! Shocked?) I thought about you, and wondered if you had vocal reaction or a stunned one. Either way, and the fact that I don’t care about football, I am happy for you.

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