Socky sock

We’re fraternal, thanks for asking.

I’ve been sitting about and was able to finish my current travel project socks.  Aren’t they pretty?

These are my first pair made from Schoppel-Wolle Crazy Zauberball in the indisch rosa colorway.  I like the yarn quite a bit, it reminds me of my favorite Trekking yarn.  You can guess from that, that I like a hard wearing sock yarn.  I’m sick of making pretty socks from fancy pants yarn that look like shit after two washings.  Give me some socks that can be worn and I’m good.

I just used my tried and true sock plan – top down with short rowed heels and toes on 60 stitches.  They fit well and I can make them in my sleep.  I did try to make them identical but this yarn doesn’t seem to be symmetrical enough to do better than fraternal matching.  They look close enough not to bother me.  Yay socks!

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  1. They may be fraternal, but they’re not wildly different. I need to knit more socks. I haven’t really knit enough to come up with a tried-and-true basic pattern.

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