Stop already!

What in the name of hose is going on here?

I’ll bet you’re thinking, now that’s a long sock. You’d be right!

I am knitting a long sock, a knee sock in fact.  I got two balls of sock yarn for Christmas so I thought I’d take the opportunity to make a pair since the yarn is already evenly divided for me.

I trolled Ravelry for a free pattern that would work for me and found Knee Socks!  by Diana Parrington.  It’s a pattern, but not.  She assumes you know how to knit socks and describes the modifications she made to make knee socks.  Great!

One starts with a toe up cast on.  I don’t know if you know this about me, but I dislike toe up socks intensely.  Most toe up cast ons are the epitome of fiddly and insane making.  (I hope that’s not TMI.)  I thought I’d use my usual short row toe started on a crochet provisional cast on.  That worked great even though I didn’t have a crochet hook on me at the time I started knitting.  I just used my double point to pretend it was a crochet hook and made a mess of a chain.  It still worked even though it was messy since you take it all out after turning the toe.  Perfect!

I added calf shaping and am now going to knit ribbing until my yarn runs out – which looks to be soon.  Yay for knee socks!  Or just sock in my case, until the second one is begun.

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  1. Hooray for 2 balls of sock yarn! I knitted knee socks for my daughter from this recipe years ago and she still wears them when we go somewhere cold for holidays. The only problem was the ribbing cast off edge kept slipping down. The ribbing had to be big enough to go over the calves so they didn’t stay snug at the knee. I solved that problem by weaving in elastic thread through the ribbing and she hasn’t complained about the socks slipping since then 🙂 Enjoy your knitting! Love the stripes, makes me feel like knitting socks again 🙂

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