In the pink and green navy

My fave color combo!
I finished my Shellseeker and by the time I remembered to take pictures it was this afternoon. It’s hard to take pics in the afternoon here because the sun is in all the places I can lean a camera and still be in the picture. I know, poor you running from the sun when we’re hunkering down in the face of a Disney themed blizzard. And now would also not be the time to point out that is “quite” cold here as it’s not even 60 degrees today. We all have our Disney themed problems don’t we?

Speaking of Disney themed problems, doesn’t this sweater look like I joined the Castro Street Navy Reserve?  I adore that idea!  Pink and green really rocks my world.  Not too much to say about this sweater.  It’s top down in the round with raglan sleeves and a kangaroo pocket.  I opted to make the stripes start at the armhole division so it’s more French Sailor, and also placed the stripes as 4 rows main color and 2 rows contrast.  I didn’t make the split hem as shown in the original pattern because my yarn made that flip up and stay up.  Not a good look on me.  I added 4 stitches to the sleeves since they were tight without them (my muscles must be growing).  The ribbing at sleeve and hem is bound off with

Less mopey right?!

tubular cast off (done Montse Stanley’s way) as that was the only method that didn’t look completely hideous in this yarn.  I toyed with an iCord edging around the neck to get rid of rolling, but I rather liked the casual neck edge when I’d completed the knitting so it stayed.  Material details are found here.

So I knit a sweatshirt in a nutshell.  That should get some wear around here since I enjoy the sweats a great deal.  In an ironic twist, today I photographed the sweater wearing actual pants and not the more common sweats.  It must be a full moon.

Edited to add:  Carolyn thinks I look MOPEY in above pic so I’ll add a slightly less mopey one…I live to please.

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  1. I love that. Aunt of Sophanne is going to love the idea of needing to review maritime rules! That comment made my day.

  2. I love it!! No need to say any more about this one, you’ve said all you’re going to say. Glad you ended up with a sweater you’ll actually wear after all your knitting strife.

    Also glad to see that you’re feeling better. Or at least I assume. And with the new hair and glass you very hipster chic. (In a good way.)

  3. Shellseeker turned out beautifully. I love the colour combinations. Your new haircut is super! I just got mine cut Friday – very short, spiked and asymmetrical as usual! If you would like some snow – we all have too much now!

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