Feeling gnome-y

Who doesn’t like a good gnome?

Some may remember that I’ve knit these gnomes before (October 2010 according to Ravelry).  Why make them again?  Because I lost them…sigh!  I don’t lose things, that is so not me but with the multitude of illnesses heaped upon me these past two months, I was just not myself.  My favorite mittens ever were in the pockets of my uniform coat and I left the coat (and mittens) on a plane the promptly went to Cancun.  Sadly, I went to Miami.  So not only am I out my fave mitts I now have to buy another uniform coat at about $150.  Dang!

Well luckily the mittens are easily reproduced since the yarn from the first pair are more than adequate to make and second (and who knows how many more) pair.  This is mitten #1 and my stranded knitting is still crappy.  I worried when making the first pair that they would be all wonky but the wool grabs itself and they turn more solid with wear.  Plus all those floats make for warm hands.  A few pilots have borrowed them on cold days to do their walk around (the plane) before the flight.  Aside:  why do men not wear coats when it’s literally freezing outside but will wear a girl’s gnome mitts?  Curious that.  Rave reviews from all wearers btw.

So that is why I’m once again back on the gnome train.  Adios old mitts, I hope you like Cancun!