If this is naughty, I don’t want to be nice.

Can you see them all nestled in the tin?  Hell ya!  Those are spitzbuben and they are delicious.  What is a spitzbub?  A cookie.  And it means naughty boy.  If you eat a bunch of them (and why wouldn’t you?) you’d be naughty too.  Actually I just thought they’d be a nice Swiss treat to celebrate the day I get my profit sharing check from the “the man” – as we used to say at Berkeley.  It’s not much money, but I’m happy to take free money whenever it’s handed out.

So let’s get to the point.  Spitzbuben are a shortbread type cookie and are filled with raspberry jam (that I thinned wit kirsch!).  How is that bad?  I used this recipe which is German and according to my Swiss mom they are a bit non-typical.  There is a bit of ground almond in there and I rolled them out too thin so they looked like my idea of sandwich cookie, not the Swiss nation’s idea of a cookie.  Wrong, yet still delish.  Apparently my recipe is German (not Swiss!) and maybe they like almonds more.  What evs.  Thick, thin, almonds or no these are tasty.

The other note here is that these are traditionally Christmas cookies, but clearly would be enjoyable on Valentine’s Day/Profit Sharing Day too!


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  1. Why are there so many Swiss dishes with Almonds in them? I can’t explain.

    They look great! In the professional range of cookies. (Mine usually end up as a crumpled mess.) Happy Profit Sharing!!!

  2. I always figured you had some Swiss or German heritage, based upon name, etc. 🙂 I myself come from a German mom and dad…..nothing like good European baked goods when you can get them, I am impressed by your cookies!!

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