Oodles of poodles

Can you see how soft and fluffy this is?

For some reason everything I’m interested in making these days is falling into the “comfy/cozy” category.  I wonder if that means anything?  Probably not, I’m not that self aware or introspective.  Really.

What you see in all it’s creamy poodle glory is the beginnings of the back of the Poodle Sweater.  I’m imagining it as oversized and comfy with drop sleeves and a loose turtleneck or small cowl.  The yarn is Drops Alpaca Boucle and feels like heaven!  Boucle can be a bitch with which to knit because of those loops, but I’m using a nice slippery, pretty sharp metal needle.  Not so bad and it’s at aran gauge so it’ll go fairly quickly, and I’m knitting it flat since it’s going to be a bit bulky.  Easier to handle in pieces.

The pattern in one I’m making up as I go, using a few calculations of course.  I’m not a moron.  Well I can be if one remembers me losing the last ball of yarn on my previous sweater make, frogging and then finding it…moron that.  This time the yarn is all corralled up in a big bag that is in a special place, no wayward balls please (that’ll make a good google hit).

Now I’m off to work and cold places.  I’m cold already thinking about my non-tropical layovers…


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  1. That yarn actually looks a lot like my labradoodle! I may have to procure some so that Snickers & I can match when we take a walk. Hey, I could knit matching sweaters for him & me…

  2. Now that you’ve mentioned not having any problems knitting with a boucle, you’ll have nothing but problems. I hope that you knocked on wood.

    Have fun in your cold places. Oddly enough we’re supposed to be in the forties tomorrow.

  3. I think you are just cold, or anticipating the cold places you might fly to. Or maybe that’s me. Cute poodle-like fabric you are making!

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