Tulip Watch 2013

Lots of leaves, not much in the way of flowers.

Tulip Watch 2013 continues.  What am I yammering about you ask?  I planted tulip bulbs in the garden in December thinking by spring (which is now in this part of the world) I’d have masses of gorgeous tulips.  What I’ve got is about 40% of the bulbs I planted sprouting leaves.  Lots of leaves.  There are a few tulips flowers trying to come out, but not really enough to satisfy me.  I guess the other 60% of the bulbs I planted are “resting” until some other spring.

What you don’t know is that I hate gardening.  Hate, hate, hate!  I do like flowers so I made the effort this year to buy bulbs, refrigerate them for 2 months (to simulate the winter we don’t get) and plant them in the adobe soil (think concrete).  So I’m hoping they’ll bloom but I still buy a bunch of tulips every week to satisfy my tulip craving – just in case.


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  1. That hate of gardening, it runs in the family. Although, I planted tulips 15 years ago and occasionally I’ll still get some. There’s hope.

  2. Thank goodness for Trader Joes!

    Did you plant them right way up? Did you buy “late blooming” tulips? Squirrels? Evil bulb stealing neighbor children?

  3. Badgers too, eat tulip bulbs…… My parents have some issues with one of them!
    I sowed Nigella seeds myself, in order to have a nice border in front of my house, but birds must have eat them…… Actually, not many sprouts……….. Idem for the delphiniums. None of them is showing up………..

  4. Tulips are the last kind of spring flowers to bloom, at least around here they are. Go with Crocuses, they bloom soon and look just like mini-tulips.

    Gardening is just like knitting, in the respect that you can work so hard and do everything right for a particular flower/ sweater, but still have it come out looking like sh*t. Also, you can just throw some seeds in the ground/ stitches on the needles and have it be your favorite plant/ garment.

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