Tulip Watch 2013 v.2

Are you impressed yet?

My first tulip of 2012!

I came from from work last night and this morning I saw this! My first tulip of this 2013 “crop”.  I had a few bulbs I couldn’t shove into the concrete adobe of the front yard and shoved them into an empty bit in the backyard.  Of course these have been the first to show signs of tuliphood.  This little tulip is called a “Claudia” which is my sister’s name and I had to buy.  Unlike my sister, this tulip is a bit spindly and misshapen, not really looking like the super succulent photo on the bulb bags.  I’m sure it has to do with planting these poor bulbs in adobe with no thoughts of fertilizer or even adequate watering, so it’s my bad.  There appear to be two other tulips coming up out back and since this week will be one of low 70s, they should bloom soon.  Luckily I’m on vacation for almost two weeks starting NOW(!) so I can witness further tulip miracles.

I must say it’s not very cost effective for me to grow tulips.  I may get (dare I tempt fate) 8 actual tulips from the 30+ bulbs I planted.  I spent about $40 on bulbs.  Those will be $5 tulips.  I buy tulips at Trader Joe’s every week and they are $5/bunch.  I’m not Alan Greenspan, but I think that may be best buy, don’t you think?

Also because I’m on vacation and will not get out of bed or change out of pajamas today (vacation kick off partay!) I thought I’d change my ringtone to The Gogos “Vacation”.  It took almost an hour and some googling to figure out, but it has been accomplished.  I can now convert mp3s to ringtones in itunes in a minute – and considering my massive music library I may need the next 2 weeks off to do that.  So hopefully crafting content will emerge this week – just like my spindly, misshapen tulips are emerging from their adobe homes.

Trader Joe’s tulips are $5/bunch and are pretty freaking nice.

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  1. Amend the soil. Feed the tulips. Water while they are green and awake. Next year will be better. There’s always a chance the ones you bought were not put to bed properly and that is why this year’s crop is less than perfect.

    Oh, and it’s going to 80 Tuesday. o.O

  2. I think the Claudia tulip is beautiful! What a lovely way to start my day. YAY for vacation! Did a parcel arrive????

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