Older not wiser.

Tulips, knitting and cake. Good times.

Thanks for all the birthday love on Facebook and Twitter!  Yes indeed, I had a birthday yesterday and there were presents, cake, artisan cocktails, fun – and the yummiest steak frites ever! A great day.

I like to bake little birthday cakes for my peeps (including moi), just enough to celebrate but not enough to have masses of cake leftover.  I know that cake looks massive but it’s really only 6″ across.  It’s chocoloate cake, filled with raspberry/kirsch and iced with chocolate ganache.  All chocolate is Green and Black bittersweet organic so this cake is not too sweet yet super yum!  And yes, it will be my breakfast today since I’m working out with my trainer later.

The Tulip Watch 2013 continues with the three Claudias you see in the bottom picture.  One is a bit past it today but the other two are looking good.  The front tulips are doing F-all flowerwise at present so we won’t mention them.

Craftwise I’m more than halfway done with the back of my self styled alpaca boucle Poodle Sweater.  It’s easy to knit this up when watching movies so I hope to make a bit of progress every day.  The only downside I can see is that an alpaca sweater with the current temperatures will cause me to spontaneously combust.  Still, we’ll probably get a cooling trend sometime.

I also finished sewing up a knit dress that I should love but don’t.  I’ll force myself to take pics and share, just not today.  It’s too annoying really.  I’m just going to have to ignore it for a bit.

Thanks again for the lovely wishes! xoxo

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  1. Happy belated Birthday. I like the fact that you bake yourself a cake. and such a beauty as well. Enjoy it and your lovely tulips.

  2. Happy birthday!
    You know… I think I have some Claudia tulips myself. They look very, very familiar. But it will be a month or so before I find out.

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  4. Happy Birthday!!! A little bit late, but better late than never. I hope it was a nice, relaxing day. (It’s nice you had your birthday off.)

    Don’t mention the weather. It’s snowed off and on all day. I’m pretty much sick of hearing about it — the weather being just about the only interesting topic in this area. I’m loving the poodle sweater though.

  5. DANG i’m soooooooo sorry I missed your birthday. you KNOW I am so never ever looking at my calendar these days, all I know is what day of the week it is and what book I’m using for read-aloud. 😦

    anyway I WILL make it up to you. The cake sounds delish. Love you, girlie!!!!

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