Qiana by any other name

You do know 80s are “vintage” now. Sigh.

My pictures of this dress are so poor that I had to add a photo of the pattern envelope just so you can see detail!  Oh how lazy am I?

What you see is my latest attempt at a knit dress.  You know I’m fond of knit dresses as they are super comfortable, pack well and allow for lots of eatin’ room.  I am on also on a mission to use up stash fabric, loosely based on a stash-busting-along I signed up for in January/February that I won’t be too strict about.

Anywho, this was another thrift store pattern (Simplicity 9829 circa 1980) that I spent 25 cents on and thought immediately of a claret colored piece of slinky poly knit in the stash garage.  I unearthed the poly (which reminded me of the Qiana of my youth) and was able to eke out the dress.  I changed the sleeves to 3/4 length not because of fabric constraints but because I prefer that length.  I measured wrong and ended up having to add cuffs (a la Renfrew) to make them long enough.  Easy enough fix.

The other problem I encountered was due to fabric choice.  This knit is super stretchy and as you can see the pleats didn’t stay pleated because the weight of the skirt is pulling them down.  Then the band covering the center waistband gathers just looks dumb and pulls funny.  Also the fit was off because of the stretch and I had to take 2″ out at the waist and down into the skirt.  There was much ripping out of seams and you know I hate that!

The good bits – well I knew a zipper in this stretch fabric was totally unnecessary so I left that off successfully.  I added a bit of clear elastic to the front cross neckline and it snugs the boobs nicely with no gapping.  I finished the neck edges with a self band of cross cut fabric at the back and just turned twice and twin needled the front.  The pattern had you use facing pieces with interfacing like it was a woven.  That would have been a hot mess.

I shortened the pattern 3″ before cutting out and probably cut off another 3″ before I hemmed the skirt.  This was one long dress, but that may be due in part to my super stretch fabric.

All in all I’m just lukewarm on this dress.  I’ll keep it around and see if it gets worn in the next few weeks/months, otherwise it’s going on the donation pile with the Christmas tree stand and a clock radio from circa 1980 (which is the year of this pattern coincidentally).


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  1. I SO remember Qiana. Yikes. Maybe you’ll like wearing that dress more than you think. Its cute (as far as I can tell from the pictures).

  2. I have no idea what Qiana is. Still though, this is a really great dress, casual, but still kind of dressy, and would look uber-chic with a little shrug. (Maybe.) I second Juno in giving it a chance. And this isn’t that thing that knitters do whenever you finish something that you hate and we all say it looks great to make you feel better and we are all know that we’re lying. This actually does look great.

  3. BTW I made the eggplant tempeh dish you had mentioned a while ago. Delicious indeed! Thanks for telling us about it.

  4. It is a little hard to tell from the photos, because the details are not showing. But, it seems to fit you nicely, it looks elegant. Always hang knit dresses on a trouser hanger so they don‘t stretch more (but I guess you know that already).

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