I like it anyway

Can’t you just imagine that poofing out from the boobs in an unflattering way?

Rather than making things that I think will suit me, I keep being drawn to garments that just don’t flatter me.  Sure, some garments I make are accidentally not flattering since I did think they would be ok.  But right now I’m making a pair of pants that aren’t my style.  To be fair they’re not my choice, they’re for a Craftsy class I signed up for.  The class was great and now I’m making a pair of these kind of mom pants just to see if I’ve “got” the class concepts.  I’m using stashed fabric and it’s really just my time that’s being used.  I’ll post them when they aren’t just heaps of black fabric on my ironing board.

Cute, no?

But luckily my love of not so flattering on me garments continued yesterday when I got my April 2013 Burda Style.  There is a BALLOON blouse in there that I adore to an unreasonable degree.  Jinks, it’s even named BALLOON so you know this is not going to be flattering for those of us with boobs and curves.  Still, love.  It’s simple, sleeveless has an interesting twist feature and is super easy.  You know I’m making this when I get a second and some appropriate fabric (maybe today!).  Why?  Don’t know.  Because I can.  Look how cute it looks with a skirt.  See how that balloon part is super cute at the waist (not so much)…stay tuned for the trainwreck.


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  1. I suffer the same affliction…;-)…but hey, we don’t suffer buyer’s remorse/loss of a lot of $$ when we whip up one of these confections …..if it works, it works…if not, oh well… 😉

  2. At least, that love won’t move in, trash your house and ruin your credit.

    Please give your sister my love. I miss seeing her around.

  3. Oh, jeeez! I would think twice about making that top. I think it may have some sort of chance, if made out of a very thin slinky material. But even then, I don’t see the point of accentuating the waist with a fabric bulge.

  4. It looks interesting and boobs aside, I’m thinking it might cover my tummy 🙂 although from the sound of it’s name, “balloon” it seems to suggest otherwise but one can always hope 🙂 I’ll check out this issue of Burda the next time I go to the bookshop in town.

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