Hi Peeps!

Progress, just not too exciting.

Not too much crafting going on around here.  I’ve got plans, sure.  Just nothing happens beyond the planning.

I have finished the back of my Poodle Sweater and it seems like it should be good.  A-line comfy pullover with slightly dropped sleeves.  Heavenly comfortable is my goal.

The thing laying on the sweater back is one finished knee sock.  Just one, and without the tails woven in I might add.  I have two balls of sock yarn and wanted to try knee socks.  Since the two balls are already conveniently split in half it seemed a good opportunity for the knee sock experiment.  So this is a toe up sock with short row heel and toe, shaping at the ankle and calf (because I’m lucky and don’t have cankles) and a super stretchy bind off.  I used all but a few feet of the first ball of yarn so my “I think I can do one more round” style of yarn maximization worked pretty well.  Sadly the first and second ball aren’t alike in their stripe sequence so the socks will be fraternal.

On the sewing front I want to make a pair of bright blue stretch cotton twill pants for spring/summer fun wear.  The pattern I have is a Simplicity “Amazing Fit” pattern.  Well that sounds good I thought.  Certainly worth the $2 I spent on it.  Well I looked it over and it has 3-4″ of ease at the hip?!  At most you’d need 1″, especially with a stretch woven fabric.  I may just scrap this pattern and find a Burda one with a normal amount of ease.

But, because it’s a holiday I have to work.  Yes, I am heartily sick of working every holiday but what can you do.  No, there is no holiday pay.  I think I’m in Charlotte on Easter which I know from past experience will be locked up tighter than {insert witty similie here}.  Bible belt and religious holiday mean even the Chinese food restaurants are closed and don’t deliver.  But I’m bring a cooler and my knitting so I shall survive.


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  1. You mean to tell me that in the south they don’t exploite the working classes by making them work a holiday? How odd. Perhaps I’m being uncharitable. Very well, I’m uncharitable.

    The knitting looks great, I suppose you’ll have to comfort yourself with that. I’d offer to work for you, but I don’t know how to do what you do, and if I did, I would probably have to work to. So knit on, I guess. Find some tulips in a park or something — It’ll help.

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