Put a bow on it

After: bow clutch bag

Before: herringbone wool skirt

Woefully little crafting has been occurring around my house.  I did make some noteworthy Hot Cross Buns which were spectacularly delicious.  Craft-wise I’ve finished one little sewing project.  I picked up the High Tea Clutch pattern from Michelle Patterns the other day on her anniversary sale.  I’d been eying the pattern for a bit but couldn’t quite pull the trigger since I don’t ACTUALLY use too many bags I sew.  But at $5 it was a no brainer.  One note on printing out the pdf onto US sized letter paper – I did have to reduce the print to 98% to get it onto letter sized paper.  (In fact it would be fun to make a 3/4 or half sized version to hold various and sundry things.)  98% worked just fine for printing on my admittedly old ink jet home printer, but maybe a fancy pants printer would be able to handle A4 paper conversion better.

When I went to a new to me thrift shop the other day I found a very full Lauren herringbone wool skirt for $5.  I’m sensing a pattern here. It’s nice material but the skirt would be really unflattering with that mass of material around the waist.  It’s a size 2 and even that skinny lady couldn’t see her way to keeping it.  Her donation was my prize though.  I popped it in the washer (it was $5 and not clean so what would you do) and it came out soft and lovely.  I cut off the waistband and harvested the material.

I didn’t want to spend much (any) money on supplies so I used odds and ends left over from other bags I’d made and didn’t use (and ultimately forced upon my friends).  Luckily I had pretty much everything on hand – yes even magnetic snaps!  Who knew!

The High Tea Clutch (hey, I didn’t name the pattern) is a pretty easy pattern so if you’re thinking about making a bag and are unsure of your skills, a bag like this is pretty cinchy.  You do need the correct weights of interfacing to give the bag some body and when I didn’t have any midweight fuseable for the flap I just used two layers of light weight and called it fine.  I’m so MacGyver sometimes.

The pretty blue insides!

The lining is a beautiful electric blue satin that contrasts nicely with the black and white herringbone wool.  I chose it for the color because it’s a really nasty costume acetate.  I’m throwing out the rest of that shit, it’s unraveled all over the sewing area so now I’ve got to bust out the vacuum.

The bow is hand stitched on but I even managed hand work without too much profanity.  This project took about one college basketball game to complete if that is any help at all to your time management schedules.

All in all an easy little make that will hopefully kick start some crafty mojo.


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  1. How nice of the thrift store to have something so perfectly suited to your needs. Great reuse of all supplies. That bag is ridiculously cute! Nice work!

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