Mind the pointy bits

I think I like it.

Today’s mantra is much like before, not much crafting around here.  Many reasons for that but I did manage to start another knitting project.  I’d appreciate it if you don’t mention the many things that are started and still waiting for completion.  Look away!

A while back I bought some of this long draw sock yarn and thought I’d use a skein to make a scarf.  I wanted to find a pattern that would highlight the long color changes and came across the pretty Wingspan pattern.  You short row a series of garter triangles and this technique works nicely with this yarn.  It’s also really easy to memorize the pattern sequence so you can knit rather inattentively and still be ok.  I hope I’ll finish this one before I see another shiny object and get distracted.


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  1. You’re not doing that bad in regards to unfinished things. (Note the s) At least as far as I can tell. What are you at, about three or four? That isn’t that bad at all. Not counting all the things that are never going to see the light of day. And who cares? I bet this thing is a lot more fun than knitting a white stockingette sweater. Just saying.

  2. I knit this pattern with some of my handspun yarn. It’s a great pattern that would work with just about any yarn…except lace weight maybe but you could do that too if you REALLY want to knit forever!

  3. This looks interesting, but I wouldn’t have thought that short rows is mindless 🙂 Maybe it’s cos I haven’t knitted a short row in ages. The colours are gorgeous.

  4. I really like the colors! To me knitting is knitting no matter how long it takes! (found your blog from Sophanne 🙂 )

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