Plastic knives

The raw materials at the ready.

The other day I had a notion to make up some cutlery rolls, and by that I mean a roll of utensils with a napkin to have handy.  I know not everyone has to eat standing up on an airplane like I do, but my friends seem to spend a lot of time in cars and offices.  They need utensils right?  And even better if they’re not plastic disposable landfill wasters.  I must note here that this roll has a plastic knife because knives are not allowed on board airplanes (in the US – not sure about everywhere).

The big reveal! It’s just cutlery.

When I stopped at IKEA I saw a cute set of cupcake kitchen towels and snatched them up to make some cutlery rolls.  I found a nice tutorial on BurdaStyle describing the process.  I say process, but it’s really rather self explanatory – it’s like making the roll your makeup brushes go in only for forks.  Some batting and scrap polka dot fabric later I’ve got one roll made.  You’ll also note that I haven’t yet inserted the cloth napkin because I didn’t have one handy, but there is a pocket on the right for a napkin.  Best of all the whole thing is washable and hopefully won’t be using up landfill space anytime soon.

They’re quick and easy to make (despite me only cranking out one) so expect to see more of these appearing from the cupcake towel stash when I’m not working quite so much.

I also managed to whip up a quick little pouch from one of the Michelle Patterns I bought last Friday.  It’s a cute little thing that begs to be upsized and used for a makeup bag.  Again, quick and easy yet only have time for one.  I did buy a Powerball ticket so maybe I’ll win and have more craft time.  Again, I only bought one though…

It’s so cute!


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  1. You are so good! I love this idea and can see using them for summer entertaining outside. Fabulous!

    It only takes one set of numbers to win…

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