What is that doing there?

Big red arrow of wrongness. That polka dot bit should be on the other side of the zipper opening (like on my correctly made Levi’s next to the wrongness.

Back from work and picked up the blue pants project (BPP) and what do I see?

The fly guard I so happily sewed in last week is on the wrong side.  I am guarding nothing with it there!  I even pulled out my Levi’s to check I’m not just suffering from jetlag or crazypants.  No, it’s wrong.  I shall unpick it AND the waistband I just sewed in place and fix it.  But first I’m going to take 20 minutes and sit out on the deck in my patch of morning sunshine.  I need to stock up on serenity before sewing today.

Thanks for all your lovely goodwill on my 1000th post!  I still can’t believe I’ve blathered on quite so much!

Sun please!


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  1. Most jeans have a left over right fly, like men’s pants. But woman’s trousers (RTW) mostly have a right over left fly (front zipper). Which works if your left handed, but not so much if you are right handed.

  2. I hate taking out sewing. I don’t know why, but it always just seems so brutal to me, so mean. When you have to take out knitting, it’s all whistful like, and I can comfort myself by muttering things like “more of my favorite thing” but when I have to take out seams I just have to fight the urge to burst into tears.

  3. Lovely deck, I wish I had one of those! Too bad about the fly thing. You are very brave to actually tackle one of those, it looks really complicated.

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