These pants aren’t that wrinkly in real life, I’ve apparently stood funny and shoved my hands in the pockets. Also, I’m not depressed despite crazy face in the pic and my hair is puffy because it’s not been flat ironed in days!

No, not my professional flying my front fly!  Check that sh”t out!  I made pants.

Big deal?  Not really, I just haven’t made pants in ages and ages and certainly didn’t make fly front pants.  As you can tell, I finished my blue pants project (BPP) and they turned out just fine.  Sure I sewed the fly guard on wrong TWICE (yes I really did) and the waistband had an issue that required cutting out a new piece, but finished they are.  The are much less wrinkled in real life when I’m not standing oddly and using the pockets.  Really.

Turns out pants are no big deal. This project taught me that I shouldn’t be intimidated by something I’ve not done before and just do it.  What’s the worst that happens?  More trash on trash day.  Granted, I used several techniques from Sandra Betzina’s Craftsy course “Pant Construction Techniques” and her book Power Sewing.  It really helped to watch the Craftsy class (despite my computer not liking the Craftsy platform). There’s a lot of information in the class so I’d recommend it if you’re thinking about pants making.

The pattern for these pants is Simplicity 1696 from the “Amazing Fit” collection.  I’d worried about that name.  As with all the big American pattern companies, this pattern has a ton of ease.  Not just the ease you need to wear the clothes so they don’t rip when you reach for your coffee, but so much ease that you be hard pressed to make a successful garment.  Why?  I don’t know.  I just know to check the finished measurements of the garment and pick my size based on those.

These pants turned out well because I chose to cut the size that would give me the finished measurements I wanted (not the recommended size) and because I used sewing techniques and tailoring steps that weren’t given on the instructions.  This project worked despite the pattern company’s best efforts at hurting the team with their home ec 101 sewing techniques.  Seriously, had I chosen to make the size given on the envelope for my measurements I’d have had to take out 3″ or 4″ at the hip on EACH side.  I wouldn’t have needed a working zipper, I could have just pulled them on like sweats.  My polyester pull on pants days aren’t upon me yet!

I’ve written an even longer review over on PatternReview for those who are into sewing and I’ve added gratuitous pics below because I can and it’s my blog.  If you’re more the knitter type, the yarn for Alvinda looks very pretty with these pants.  Sorry knitters, but unless you want to see a sleeve in progress, this is all I’ve got.

Tonight is early to bed as it’s a 3am alarm clock morning tomorrow.  Ahhh, work.

Making the crotch shot seem normal?


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  1. Great pants – & in a great color, too! I signed up for that Craftsy class on your recommendation, when they had that last sale. Now I’ve got to actually get around to watching it…

    I’m curious how much extra traffic you’ll get with your crotch shot :-p

  2. It fits so well, that’s clear in your later photos. And, wow there’s some awesome impressive finishing on the inside!
    The part about hair really tickled me, because I often try to crop out as much of my crazy hair from pics as I can. I’m too lazy to blow dry it.
    I don’t choose sizes based on recommendations anymore, I use a similar item of clothing that fits well and put it over the pattern to see which size would get me the fit I want. It works better for me than following the size charts.

  3. Great trousers – Fantastic colour and I like the pretty finishing details inside. The pattern ease issue is so annoying, it must put a lot of people off making clothes when their garments turn out enormous.

  4. I just love the polka-dot facing. It really adds a touch of character to the pants that just can’t be had in store bought ones. (I’m sure they make them, but it would probably just be faster to make your own.)

    I like your shoes by the way.

  5. Fabulous!

    The American patterns do that because the US is the home of the fat ass. Fat asses that don’t know a lot of technique from the sound of it.

  6. Tes pantalons sont vraiment chouets. I actually checked what google translate would do with that and it definitely doesn’t work. It’s a general use word meaning cool, cute, or some other similar positive. I’m not totally sure of the spelling. And I think your hair looks great too.

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