A swell time

Swell waves!

My latest travel project!

I finished my last little scarf (awaiting blocking so stay tuned) and pulled out this ball of Meilenweit Magico II and thought I’d make a scarf highlighting the long draw colors of this skein.  I trolled Ravelry and found Christiane Stemberg’s Swell pattern which seemed to fit the bill.  It’s a feather fan lacy effect and I’m enjoying the stripes of color and thinking how cute this will look with my emerald green cardie, teal cardie and medium blue cardie.  This colorway should be called the Cardie Collection!

I hope I’ll have the last travel scarf blocked soon and then I’ll get back to my less colorful (by a mile) cream boucle sleeves.  I don’t think I’ve finished a sweater in ages so it will nice to notch another sweater on my knitting belt.

Happy times!


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  1. Lovely colors and pattern on your travel project. I can’ wait to see the finished sweater. I got my yarn today and it is truly soft as can be. I did a swatch, and found out, that there will be no frogging this yarn. So good planning will be a must.

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