Full Wingspan


Thanks to some rain in San Antonio, I finally finished my Wingspan.  Well, indirectly.

I started this Wingspan mid April (thanks Rav!) and promptly stalled after a few triangles.  Don’t know why, just did.  It’s a fine pattern and easily memorized.  Despite taking this with me on all my trips, it just wasn’t getting any knitting time.  Honestly, I’m usually too tired to knit when I’m working – especially during the long days and short layovers of summer.

So San Antonio – after a very short layover we arrive at the airport in SA the next morning and the heavens have opened up.  Thunder, lightening the whole deal.  Now my crew and I know that lightening is a no go when it comes to operating an airport since it’s super dangerous for the ground staff to be out in lightning and the rain was too bad for planes to land.  We knew we were in for a wait.  Six hours later…did I knit?  No, I played on my computer and just generally played.  But a nice young woman sat down across from me and pulled out her knitting and her iPad and contentedly amused herself.  That is how knitters roll.  So I complimented her project (a pretty Madeline Tosh Hitchhiker) and I pulled out my neglected Wingspan and we both amused that we were making spiky scarves.

Later on I pulled the neglected scarf out and began working on it.  Then before I knew it, it was done.  So here she is, full span staked out blocking on Thomas the Tank Engine blocking mat.  I used one skein of Lana Grossa Magico II and didn’t modify the pattern one little bit.  It was fine as writ.

How to wear it is another story.  I did the double wrap on the left (which is the most likely way I’ll wear it) and the boa fling on the right photo.  Both would work if it wasn’t 80 degrees outside, but that’s not such a big problem to me 😉

Left double wrap, right is the boa fling!


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  1. Sorry you got stuck in our airport! The flooding was pretty bad. Next time you come to San Antonio you must contact me and we can check out some yarn or fabric or whatever.
    I love the Wingspan pattern. I knit it with some of my own handspun yarn and was quite pleased with the result.
    Thanks for letting us follow your travels and projects day to day!

  2. Now here’s the really important part — did you tell the knitter about your blog? I usually wait and see how obsessed the person is with knitting, is it just a casual thing for them, or a lifestyle? I don’t want to look to crazy for writing copious amounts about yarn.

    I love the scarf and think that it would look great with maybe some military-esque Epaulet coat. The best part about finishing something — thinking what you can wear with it!

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